The Congress of ASUU-AAUA met today, 11th October, 2016, to discuss the outcome of the signing of the MoU between the University ----DR FAYOSE

The Congress of ASUU-AAUA met today, 11th October, 2016, to discuss the outcome of the signing of the MoU between the University ----DR FAYOSE


Posted by oibrahim (M) » 11 Oct,2016

The Congress of ASUU-AAUA met today, 11th October, 2016, to discuss the outcome of the signing of the MoU between the University Administration/Council of Adekunke Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Adekunke Ajasin University Chapter, in relation to the withdrawal of service action by the Union, aimed at pushing for the payment of outstanding salary and deductions.
The Chairperson informed members that the MoU, which was ratified at the Congress meeting of Wednesday 5th October, 2016, had been signed by the designated signatories appointed to represent the two parties. Arising from this, the Congress resolved to IMMEDIATELY SUSPEND the withdrawal of service action by ASUU-AAUA that was commenced on 4th July, 2016, with the strong belief that the University Administration/Council will religiously abide by the provisions of the MoU, to avoid a resumption of the suspended action.
The Congress further discussed very important ancillary matters that touch on the good health and wellbeing of the University, and thereafter resolved as follows:
1. That the earlier resolution on the appointment of Deans and HODs should be reaffirmed. To this end, Congress condemned the appointment of acting HODs and Deans during the last withdrawal of service action, and further resolved that the appointment of Deans and HODs should be democratized not later than 7 working days after the suspension of the withdrawal of service action.
2. That in conformity with the earlier resolution of Congress, the idea of appointing contract staff to academic and directorial offices should be discontinued IMMEDIATELY, to allow tenured academic staff grow on the job and impact positively on the University.
3. That in line with the earlier resolutions of the Congress, the University Administration should desist from appointing academic members above 70 years of age. Congress noted that the continuous appointment of academics above 70 years is in total disregard to the ASUU/FGN 2009 Agreement and the Ondo State Government existing White Paper and official Gazette. Congress was of the opinion that this disregard must end forthwith.
4. That the University Administration should emplace the process for the 2015/2016 promotion exercise, with a view to giving members reasonable enough time to process their documents. Congress was also worried about the promotion criterion that requires academic staff to attend an international conference within a promotional year. This is in view of the financial difficulties being faced by members, and the inability of the University Administration to guarantee full sponsorship to members. Congress, therefore, resolved that the University Administration must continue to ensure full sponsorship of members to attend international conferences, and must be ready to drop this criterion if such sponsorship could no longer be guaranteed. Congress was of the opinion that disadvantaging members of the Union based on their inability to attend conferences due to lack of sponsorship must not be encouraged.
The Congress meeting, therefore, called on the University Administration to abide by these long-standing resolutions in the interest of industrial peace and harmony in the University. The Congress similarly stressed that the Union will not hesitate to use every legal instrument available to it to push for a total compliance with these resolutions in order for the University to remain virile, healthy, focused and progressive.

Solidarity forever
Aluta continua!

For and on behalf of ASUU-AAUA
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