BREAKing news LAGOS.

BREAKing news LAGOS.


Posted by oibrahim (M) » 13 Oct,2016

There was wild jubilation at the
Lagos State Model College, Igbonla, in
Eredo Local Council Development Area of
Epe, yesterday, following the release of its
Principal, his Vice and four students, five
days after they were kidnapped by gunmen.
The routine assembly session was at first
rowdy as students, who could not hide their
joy, discussed how their colleagues were
The released captives, among who was a
female student, told family members that
they were not maltreated while in the
kidnappers’ den. The four students stated
that they were well fed.
One of the parents, Mr. Oluwafemi Adebisi,
said: “My son, Isaac, told me that they
were not molested by the kidnappers. He
said that their only fear was over the health
challenges and crossfire with the police.
He said: “We are not living in Epe, but my
wife and I relocated to Epe since the
incident occurred. I was contacted at 12
mid night that the victims have been
released and I immediately rushed to the
school, where I saw my son hale and
“I was not afraid that something might
happen to either Isaac or other victims
because I have been praying ceaselessly.”
Asked if he paid ransom for the release of
his son, he replied, “let’s not talk of
ransom because I did not pay any dime.
But I don’t know if anyone paid. My joy is
that my son and others returned alive.
“My appreciation goes to God Almighty, the
Lagos State Government and the police for
the roles they played while the victims were
in captivity.”
Another parent, who spoke to Vanguard on
phone on condition of anonymity, said: “We
are happy that our son is back. In fact, it
had been five days of sleepless nights and
endless prayers. Every day, we looked
forward to their return only to end the day
in hopelessness.
“We were assured that they would be
released yesterday (Tuesday). One of my
brothers-in-law went to a designated point
where they told him to wait. He met a
relative of another captive, who he thought
was one of the kidnappers.
“The instruction from the kidnappers was
that he should not talk with anyone when
he gets to the point.
“My brother in-law spent four hours
waiting, before he got a call to walk
towards the school, where he met the
released persons walking towards him.
From there, they all went to the school
from where other parents and relatives
came to pick their released members.”
Another parent, who gave her name as
Sunbo, said: “My son said they were never
maltreated. He said they were fed very
“He looks like one who went on holiday.
His return has brought an end to the
endless wait.”
A victim narrates experience
Vanguard gathered that the released
persons were kept in a camp inside a creek
suspected to be in Ogun State. One of the
released person revealed that the journey
from the school to the hideout took almost
four hours.
On how they were released, one of them
said: “They kept telling us that the delay
on our release was caused by our families,
until Tuesday. They did not mention names
but they addressed themselves as
Commander, General and Colonel.
“About three armed men were always with
us while others were stationed in different
“On Tuesday night, one of them received a
call after which he told us to get ready. He
did not tell us where we were going to. We
entered two speed boats with our eyes
“We embarked on the journey and were
later dropped off. They told us to walk
straight down, that we would meet our
The victims, most of who live in Epe town,
were taken to the Epe General Hospital for
general check-up.
A nurse, who did not want her name
mentioned in print, stated that they
(released persons) were brought to the
hospital with some members of staff of the
school and security operatives.
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