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The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) ,Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko,Ondo state chapter has demanded a full implementation of the 2009 agreement from the institution management.
The Union further frown at the management for the continuous denial of members from benefiting in the payment of Earned Academic Allowance(EAA) and also the failure to implement the 70 years retirement age for academics on professorial cadre.

In a statement released and signed by the ASUU-AAUA chairperson, Dr Sola Fayose, the union said the institution over the years has been benefiting from the various struggles and agitation of the union which include ,TETFund and the NEEDS assesment funds in which they claimed AAUA got first tranche of 1.4billion naira.
The statement read in parts : " No doubt, when the different TETFund buildings, TETFund postgraduate funding and Conference support as well as NEEDs Assessment interventions are removed from AAUA, the situaion would seize to be what we are savouring today. If not for ASUU, these initiatives would not be there. They are all the 'babies' of ASUU."

" It is, however, a painful contradictions that while AAUA is benefitting from the struggles of ASUU, the University Administration has consistently dragged its feet on the full implementation of the 2009 Agreement. For this reason, academic staff in AAUA have been denied payment of Earned Academic Allowance (EAA) and implementation of 70 years retirement age for academics on professorial cadre. As a result, there are huge discrepancies between what academic staff in AAUA and their colleagues in other public Universities earn. This is suggestive of slavery experience and being undervalued. We seriously believe this should not be as we are not in anyway inferior to other academic elsewhere. A good proof of this are the excellent graduates we have produced."

While the Union said the management has not been responding to some of the issues raised during their engagement ,said they will not continue to fold their arms and see their counterparts and colleagues in other institutions seeing them as inferior.
" The leadership of ASUU-AAUA has been engaging AAUA Administration and Council on these outstanding issues with very systematically low and delayed responses. We may not continue to allow this delay-tactic, even at a time we have bent backward-forward to accommodate spiralling academic calendars that are detrimental to our own survival. We are, no doubt, committed to the dream of the University Administration to have and sustain a stable calendar, but this should and can not be achieved on our continuous enslavement."
The union urged the teeming students to take interest in their plight as they said the students are in between the union and the management.

The union further call on their members to rise up to the occasion by attending congresses regularly and also follow instructions from the leadership of the union in order to achieve the ultimate objectives for the betterment of the members.
"To our members, more than before, we need to close ranks, attend Congress meetings regularly and punctually, and abide with instructions from the leadership of the Union faithfully. There are huddles before us to cross; there are critical decisions to take. The way we proceed from this point will show whether this repression and violation will end or subsist. Let not the 'man' die in you!" ,the statement concluded. Efforts to reach the School Management regarding this issue proved abortive, as messages sent to the Management were not attended to.

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