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"Information is asource of learning, when it is organized, processed and made available for the people (students), at the right time and from the right source" -DAKIZ (2015).
Comrade Larry Cole (AAUASU P.R.O) sir, dont let us be confuse In Aaua too long, we can not continue to continue like this, where confussion is the order of the day. Currently the student populace are confuse of when exactly when our exam will start. You promised us that rumour will not survive on our campus and Accurate information, at the right time (First Hand Information) will be the order of the day.
Rumour moving wide is that, our examination has been postponed till May from April 4th, and our Public Relations Officer is not give us any actual information on this, but telling us to wait for Circular; also telling us that the examination date will be extend to May.
Our ever informative P.R.O sir, within 12 hours, please let us know the actual date of our exam, because within 12 hours confussion must leave our campus because you are alive. Rumour and Larry Cole must not survive together, rumour should die so the our P.R.O will survive and florish.
Aspirants for your office are looking for something to hold you on and they may be forced to perform your function, and you know the meaning of that.
Am not write this to attack you in any form, but to trigger you to know that you own the power of the students, (Information is Power), so give it to us.
"If you are not in the flow, you will not bee in the know" -DAKIZ (2014)
Signed: Kowe Daniel T
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Oludehinwa Daniel A.
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Your comment is highly appreciated.Thanks as you do that!


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