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Was that actually what led you into crime?
I will say that the moment a child lacks parental
care, love and attention, such a child is being
nursed towards crime. In my own case it was a
combination of many things that led me to the
world of crime. Poor and not caring family, later
my business was almost grinded when some of
my goods were confiscated. Along the line, my
younger brother was also killed; in the mission of
avenging l was gradually involved in crime and
before l knew it l wanted to excel in it. What we
called the real Shina Rambo lives inside.
Your name created tremor among people in
society, the security operatives inclusive, how did
you get such power?
If a child knows how to wash his hand well,
definitely he will eat with the elders. I know how
to appease the elders, therefore anything l need
from them l usually get it. Now that l am in Christ,
l know better. The fact is if you decide to eat with
the devil, make sure you do it to a logical
conclusion and if you want to follow Christ, let
him be your sole companion in anything that you
are doing. I got power in the world of devil, and l
followed it to a logical conclusion. In the world of
the devil, police or any security has nothing to do
with us, as a daredevil robber then. There are
certain things which an armed robber should have.
The first is what you call afoola. We used many
human beings to do this native medicine,
including a foetus in his mother’s womb. The
second is ikiya (boldness).
This will give you the audacity and effrontery to
do anything at any time no matter how dangerous
the venture is. The third one is that anybody who
wants to venture into highlevel robbery must be
ready to squeeze all the water inside his eye and
use it for a powerful medicine, so that there is
nothing that would happen that such a person will
cry again, no matter how devastating or big such
a calamity is. I searched for power from the
demons of various types, inside the most powerful
water called water of the world at a town called
Ogoja. All leaders of the world who are actually
looking for power used to go inside this water. At
that point when I was on operation l will put on
the appearance of different types of people to the
extent that it was difficult for anybody to identify
my real being. There is no amount of picture that
you took that you will get a clear view. That was
why when they said that, ‘Oh! they have killed
Shina Rambo,’ but it was another person that they
would kill instead. From that place, l went to Oke
Idanre and later Enugu and Abeokuta to look for
power that can make me to be invisible at will.
I was able to have a magical power that allowed
me to look differently in eight places. At Abeokuta,
the nine herbalists that did the medicine for me
were killed so that one day they will not reveal the
secret behind the medicine to any mortal. There is
a place in Oyo State called Fiditi; lawyers also go
there to look for power. Along the line l entered
into different cults that are very powerful. There
they have to change my body because l was
buried alive for seven days in the burial ground
and my soul was kept in a small coffin. After the
seventh day, l became powerful and more
dangerous, too hot to be handled by anybody.
Again l went inside the Iroko tree to seek for
power. In fact, you will not believe the number of
houses that you will find inside the Iroko tree, its
a whole town inside the tree. When you get there,
you are going to chant some incantations and the
door will open, you will see various types of
people engaging in activities like selling, eating,
having meeting and doing all sorts of things done
in the physical world. When l went there, we
entered through the ninth door before we entered
the town. I was able to do this because l was able
to produce for the elders what they needed, so
they were ready to give me what l wanted and
ready to take me to wherever it would be possible
for me to get what l wanted. There was a time l
was taken to a burial place with 15 heads to go
and to collect some charms from the spirit. From
there, l was fortified to the extent that there is no
bullet that could enter my body, it will just be like
pure water.
What is your relationship with the police?
Normally we and the police are supposed to be
enemies, but unfortunately a lot of them are our
friends. There are some policemen who are mere
saboteurs; they love money more than the job.
Such police officers are mole in the force because
they sell vital information to robbers and most of
the time turned their back when their “friends” are
on the road. At this point in time, it is people like
us who could assist government to nab criminals
because l know their antics and modus operandi.
Not all of police are bad, but there are some
moles among them that are spoiling their good
work. These few ones know the real robbers and
most of the time assist them (robbers) to achieve
their deadly mission.
You were once rich and famous where is the
wealth today?
In the first instance, where did all the luxuries
come from? No matter how plenty the devil gives,
it is for a short period, he will collect it back. No
matter how smart you are, any covenant with the
devil, you are going to lose at the end. It is the
devil that will give you a cap and in return asking
buba and gele from you. Vanity upon vanity all is
vanity. There is nothing that one can gain from
the devil apart from frustration and humiliation; at
the end you are going to have disappointment.
You can imagine when I would strike and snatch
more than 30 cars. I once snatched over 42 cars
in a day. Some of the cars I gave to whomever I
wanted. I had so much then. Paul said in
Philippians 3:7-13 “But, all that amounted to profit
for me in life, I have now seen as loss in Christ”.
Verse 13 now says, “Brethren, I have forgotten the
things that are behind, I press towards things
ahead.” In Psalm 126:1, the same Bible tells me
that “when God returns the loss of Zion, we would
be like them that dream”. I know that to rise in
Christ is the responsibility of every member of the
household of faith. The Holy Spirit would use
every true Christian to put on real genuine footing.
The devil gave me so much at that time and it
took what it gave me. If I have to recall the
painful details and the anguish, it does not worth
it because I am a new creature. What has been
destroyed cannot be restored just like that. We are
now in Christ, he owns and dispenses eternal joy,
when we end our race here, we would return to
our eternal home: heaven, where there is no
weeping, no anxiety, anguish, hunger and pain.
Do you have any godfather?
Definitely. When we were in Edo, we had our
godfather who is always there for us anytime we
went on operation. It was the same place that the
likes of Anini, a.k.a. the law and Monday Osunbor
Pero, and Lucky learnt the rudiment of robbery.
We sprung up from one source.
What usually comes to your mind any day you are
going for operation?
The first thing that readily came to mind was that
‘the dead must be done’. But before that, we must
first ask people who owns the world how the day
would look like before we step out. There is a
charm called atona (Pathfinder) that we consult
before we go out. It would tell us what we are
going to do and which sacrifice we are going to
make before we move out. Again there is what we
call eru (fear) which has been deposited into my
body, wherever l go, that fear will not let you
challenge my authority.
Where and how did you get the ammunition you
were using?
As I told you that my father was a military man,
from the beginning gun had been assembled and
dismembered in our house. Innocently, my father
will be doing this virtually on a daily basis and he
tells me to go and bring one or two things that
had connection with the gun in the house and at
the end he would put the gun together as one.
From that daily experience l knew how to handle a
gun and by the time l left him, there was no gun l
could not put together. Ironically, what parents
did not take serious and handle with levity, the
kids are fast learning and before you know it, they
have mastered the act. If it is a bad habit, the
family will definitely pay for it. The gun l was
using then was in pieces when brought from
outside the country. I later put it together to make
it a complete gun. After that l return it into the
world of darkness where it was changed to the
gun of the elders. After this l just recite a few
incantations to the gun and whatever l ask the
gun to do is what it will do. However there is no
gun that l cannot handle a few minutes after
studying it.
Those who are working with you, how were they
There is always time for training; we teach them
how to handle it and how to get their target. It
was an extensive training which we normally do
most of the time especially when we are going on
operation. All those that are working with me are
all in the same cult, they know our dos and
don’ts, we have gone to many places together,
that was why it was difficult for the police to kill
anyone of us. There is a general charm that the
death that is meant to kill anyone of us should kill
outsiders. There are some incantations to back it
up and it would be backed up in the world of
darkness. Therefore anywhere we go on operation,
instead of recording any casualty, it is the people
around that will die.
Can you recollect how many people your gun had
No, they are just plenty that l cannot remember.
Aside from this, l used a lot of people for sacrifice
that l cannot even remember. I don’t want to
remember those dark days.
Now that you are a pastor, do you believe that
there is a curse that actually affected your
You are right. There is a saying in Yoruba that it
is only in war that one can die accidentally, but a
curse has a target and no matter the year it was
invoked it will still be operational. That crisis and
curse entered my life when l was still in my
mother’s womb. My father is a polygamist and one
day there was a quarrel between my mother and
my father’s mother. Then l was told that my
father’s mother invoked a curse on my mother
that she will never deliver me in peace otherwise
she is not from Ikereke (a town in Oyo State) and
my mother replied that she will have a normal
delivery as God lives otherwise she will not serve
God if she comes in the next word. From that
altercation from both, the curse entered into my
life and l carried the curse and the burden until l
met Christ.
How do you handle women and wine?
I engaged in all what you can call devilish
ventures, like smoking of Indian hemp, wine and in
the company of women of easy virtue. I was in a
hotel with about 58 women playing with me, but
the warning from the world of darkness is that l
should not take any of them to bed. The
instruction l followed to the letter. Then l love
women but there was a boundary which l must
not cross. I am compelled to have fun with my
only wife who knew my entire venture into the
world of darkness. That was why all the women
sent to me cannot do anything to me. Though l
spent for them, but that was just the limit l could
Is it true that you once spent N50 million a day?
How many of that do you want to count, plenty?
There was a time we went for an operation in
Lagos, and it seemed we were in a tight corner,
we just decided to be giving out the money to the
people in order to escape. There was commotion,
everybody was trying to pick as many naira notes
as they can pick.
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