Aausrc common sense 2

Aausrc common sense 2


Posted by Tosyno (M) » 12 Jul,2016

ruminating over what title would be best for this
piece i thought of so many mind lifting and
aggressive expression to potray my feelings but
opted for 'common sensical lesson' and a protest
heading for the rock as an alternate.Although i am
not trying to be prophetical i saw it coming i knew
this was going to be the end of an ill concieved ill
planned and ill carried out protest the end of frog
jumping ,getting beaten even in your own hostel by
the anti cultism squad ,hastenly leaving the
outlaying school environment in fear of reprisal
attacks by indigene,paying 15000 as reparation fees
and the suspension of 25 students. This is not the
time to cry over a spilled milk but a time to go
commonsensical by looking back and learning from
our mistake. It no news that on that black saturday
of april aauites gathered at the school gate to have
a peaceful protest as our unionist cum leaders
termed it, over the death of our own afolabi daniel
MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE. The woeful failure
of a peaceful protest planned by our student union
leaders was without doubt centered on the
aimlessness and lack of a concrete plans by our
leaders. I would like to go socratic by asking
fundamental questions here . Were they expecting
students that had non chalant altitude of
healthcenter workers,webmaster orchestrated
extra fees payment,irresponsibility of some
lecturers,indigene aided and abetted robbery etc all
bottled inside them to wait at the schoolgate and do
nothing? Maybe its time for our unionist to give us
an outline of their plans for that day, where was it
supposed to start from? and where was it supposed
to end ?,where the site chosen by our unionist in
line with the issue on ground ? was it not just an
unneccesary diversion and digression. Maybe our
unionist needs to tell us how they controlled the flow
of information you would agree with me that
rumours aggravated the whole issue as in respect
to the number of dead student, this was the period
the student union leader especially the PRO should
have tried to calm nerves by supplying the populace
with the right news. Were they expecting their
unpopular student union government to control
student who still believes their government was
smuggled in by the management most student
especially staylites still has their loyalities in their
aspirants that they felt were robbed in the last
student union election. I think commonsensically
when organising a protest,the first thing to do is to
identify the factors surrounding such protest,a
student died due to reckless and impatient bike men
[indigenes]and the nonchalant altitude of the health
center workers, then the need to outline the plans in
relation to what as happened ,moreso the need to
take the lead at all times during any protest cannot
be over emphasised probably if sue d bastard or
rytar or damzy had spearheaded the movement to
the health center they would have been able to
caution the student and finally the need to know
when to stop. A commonsensical advice to the
present and future excos incase of next time, draw
up a concrete plan and execute it to the fullest.
conclusively all protest that i have known,heard
of,participated in ,the union takes the blame to the
fullest,our unionist were fully involved in that protest
the highest punishment they might have gotten if
they had actually taken responsibility is the
scrapping of the union which is more preferable to
the suspension of 25 student.I REST MY
Help re
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Your comment is highly appreciated.Thanks as you do that!


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