Checkout The New Instructions Pastor Adeboye Gave To RCCG Members

Checkout The New Instructions Pastor Adeboye Gave To RCCG Members


Posted by bigboluet (M) » 04 Aug,2016

Pastor Adeboye Announces New Measures For
GENERAL Overseer of the Redeemed Christian
Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare
Adeboye has charged all members of the church
to help themselves by being obedient to every
divine pronouncement.
Warning members on the dangers of not paying
their tithes and vows, he maintained that there
are two houses—one is built on the Rock and the
other is built on sand—both look alright and
beautiful until there is a storm.
According to the man of God, at a time such as
this when government find if difficult to pay
workers’ salaries, God has a way of defending
His own people. “Go back and tell your members
to stop robbing God. Tell them not to fail in the
payment of their tithes and vows.
“The reason you must pay your tithes and vows,”
he stressed, “is that nobody knows when trouble
will come. When trouble comes, God has a
defence for His people, but such defence cannot
be extended to those who are disobedient to His
He therefore urged the pastors to ensure the
message is delivered undiluted to the members of
the church stressing that “God loves a cheerful
giver and that they should make sure they do not
owe or rob God.”
Drawing inspiration from several biblical
passages, Pastor Adeboye said: “Not only must
they give to God cheerfully, they must at all time
honour Him.”
According to him, members of the church must
be reminded that Jesus Christ said His Father is
greater than him and therefore no one can take
His children from Me, emphasising that the father
who protects the child of God can Himself tear
the disobedient children away as a consequence
of disobedience.
To stress the importance of his earlier warning
during the Ministers Conference that preceded the
convention, Pastor Adeboye re-emphasised that
anyone who introduces tribalism into the mission
will die a sudden, violent and premature death.
According to him, the church belongs to God and
the moment one is born again, one automatically
becomes a native of the Kingdom of God, noting
that upon that realization, he has never asked
anybody of his/her state of origin.
He therefore re-echoed the warning which was
first announced during the ministers conference,
that anyone who introduces ethnicity into the
church will die a sudden and premature death
irrespective of the status of the person “because
I have already prayed earnestly to God
concerning the matter.
“Tell all your friends that I’ve prayed a prayer
that anyone, whoever, tries to introduce tribalism
into RCCG shall die like Ananias and Sapphira
died suddenly and prematurely; anyone including
the G.O. himself,” Pastor Adeboye reiterated.
For the benefit of those who did not attend the
ministers conference, Daddy G.O. repeated the
announcement of the promotions and the
additional eight provinces that have just been
created. Ekiti is now a Region of its own.
On the new 3 kilometre by 3 kilometre auditorium
currently under construction, he declared that
God will build for all those who have in one way
or the other contributed to the construction,
urging the pastors to tell all those who have not
done so, that God will not forget.
He also announced that ministers, including
pastors and their spouses, must from now make
a habit of attending house fellowships and all
workers’ meetings.
Raffles to raise money for any church activity is
prohibited, he stated, just as he told the pastors
that incessant levies on members for unworthy
enterprises are hereby prohibited. “If we want to
build and members can see what you want to
build, you can go ahead; but levies for other
personal activities must be channeled through
the G.O.’s office.
In addition to that decree which also attracted
much acclaim of those present, the cleric also
urged his pastors to always refrain from inviting
guest ministers to their programmes, stressing
the need to encourage and develop talents within
the church.
According to him, the church has reached an
advanced stage of raising a12,000-man mass
choir, saying that any church that has not
contributed to the endeavour, should do so.
Without particular reference to the recently
retired ministers, Pastor Adeboye said the
General Council of the church has approved some
retirement benefits for part time pastors as well
as burial entitlements.
On transfer of pastors, he said there will be
minimal transfers this year to avoid pastor’s
capitalising on that as excuse for not meeting the
church mandate of doubling membership every
six months. “Our purpose is to win souls.
Aggressive evangelism is the reason we are
where we are today. So, if you don’t double your
membership every six months, your pastor will be
in trouble,” he said matter of factly.
Acknowledging that soul winning is not an easy
endeavour, he noted that members of the church
must strive to equip themselves spiritually for the
onerous task, narrating what it took him to win a
very difficult man like his former Head of
Department at University of Lagos, late Prof.
Chike Obi.
He expressed dismay that some workers within
the church cannot speak in tongues, arguing,
“how can you win souls for Christ if you have not
received power to do so?”
Speaking on a very contentious issue of personal
ministries within the church, Adeboye decreed
that such will no longer be tolerated in the
church, saying that individuals are at liberty to
leave the church “so that when next we meet
them we shall greet them as General Overseers.”
The ministry currently known as Youth Church
has been renamed as Young Adults and Youth
Church to accommodate young members who are
married but are still young at heart.
Adeboye also insisted that pastors should ensure
that hymns are part of their service at all times,
just as he stressed the need for serious
cleanliness within the church and in individual
The man of God also warned ministers in the
church not to bring strange practices into the
church, stressing that RCCG does not involve in
praying on water or burn candles. We do pray on
oil or handkerchief.
“Let your church be thoroughly clean at all times,”
he stated, adding “in the Redeemed Christian
Church of God we do not pray on water and we
do not burn candles.”
As a result of his busy schedules, he told the
crowds of pastors that his Special Assistants and
the Assistant General Overseers will now be
saddled with the responsibility of dedicating new
churches in the mission.
In conclusion, he urged all members of the church
to take prison ministry much more seriously from
now by visiting the nearest prison to your church,
pray for the inmates and do things as part of
your corporate social responsibilty.
According to him, RCCG has rebuilt the chapel in
the Kirikiri Prisons, Kirikiri Town and has also
established an outpost of the National Open
University of Nigeria, NOUN, in the premises or
benefit of inmates in addition to giving inmates
foods every Sunday.
He maintained that the church made it a habit to
give them a plate of rice and chicken every
Sunday it was discovered that the chicken does
not get to the inmates. “So the church decided to
give the inmates fish instead,” he noted.
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